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HIKARI School of Music is an established and trusted music school in Nakuru, Kenya. It purposes to build awareness of music education in Kenya and provide quality music services to the population of the country. Its vision is “Let Your Light Shine”, which is based on the founders’ belief that everyone is born with talents in them which should be discovered and nurtured.



We are all about training and defining skills to make a difference.

Our History

HIKARI was established when the founders Yuka and Nick Mwashimba, noticed many artists from Nakuru were moving to Nairobi to nurture their talents for they lacked a music school in Nakuru that offered quality music services. The founders’ spotted lots of talents in Nakuru and took up the task to provide a professional music school and quality music services under one roof.

In 2012 HIKARI started, but it was inactive until when both Yuka and Nick resigned from formal employment at ST Andrew’s Turi where Nick was head of music school and Yuka was a piano teacher.

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Achievements and projects.

The union between Nick who is Kenyan and Yuka who is Japanese has had a positive impact in expanding their scope, doing international student’s tours to Japan, UK, South Africa, Austria, USA and Australia is part of the things they have accomplished. The list of Alumni that have gone through Nick and Yuka is endless, from Venessa Mdee to Tero Mdee to Haimie Armide to Vanessa Pym-Kaime and so many others out there in the world one of the Alumni has actually been picked by Sony records in New York.

HIKARI has provided jobs to youths who have been trained to being the professional teachers they are. In the spirit of giving back to the community, HIKARI started a gospel choir that nurtures talents and offers them free recording opportunities. Many people have grown to develop their skills and now music is a huge part of their lives through this choir. HIKARI Gospel Voices which is the name of the choir does songs with a touch of the African culture, most of the songs performed are originals and their arrangements have a contemporary touch with some orchestration as well.

Talk of from grass to grace, HIKARI has helped students through their music journey from as low as grade 1 to grade as high as 8, not forgetting to mention that our students pass with distinctions.

HIKARI the school is hosted in a church ground and the school has worked with the church to raise the standard of music during worship through training in singing, playing of instruments, sound engineering, photography as well as videography and in reaching out to the sick at Alexandria cancer center through having worship sessions with the patients.

In our latest project we are working with Legatt trust project where we have chosen two institutions which have kids that were affected by post-election. HIKARI is offering choir training as well as teaching them music instruments. Through music this children have found a way of healing pain in the past and finding hope in the future. The two institutions involved in this project are going to be part of the three yearly concerts held by HIKARI School of Music in association with the HIKARI Gospel Voices.

 Other projects are under way, one is with a school in Kibera called Magoso School. We plan to offer internship programs for at least 2 of their students as they are really talented.

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HIKARI has partners around the world who have been supporting their projects especially in relation to international tours have ensured smooth running of the tours they undertake abroad.

What HIKARI offers and the charges

HIKARI School of Music offers music instruments classes, voice coaching, photography classes, videography classes and several languages classes. Currently HIKARI is in the forefront in offering online classes which have been a success so far.  It has never been about the money for HIKARI since it’s one of the most affordable professional music school.

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