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Music lesson (instrument and voice)

charges per lesson
30mins -800ksh
45mins – 1000ksh
60mins – 1200ksh

For international students

30 mins -13 USD (1300JPY)
45 mins – 18USD (1800JPY)
60 mins – 25 USD (2500JPY)

We teach up to grade 8 on all instruments and voice, both LCM and ABRSM

Language lesson

1 hour – 1000ksh per person
Or 500 ksh per person for groups of 2 or more

International students
1 hour – 15USD (1000JPY)

Due to Covid-19
we are providing live online music lessons.
we are able to still provide our high quality music,languages and production lessons, delivering face to face, safely and directly into homes

Choose what would you like to learn:


Piano • Advanced Piano • Guitar • Violin •Cello • Singing • Songwriting • Clarinet • Saxophone • Flute • Trumpet • Trombone •Tenor Horn • Baritone Horn • Cornet • Recorder • Accordion • Ukulele  • Drums

Music Theory • Home school Music • Spanish • Japanese • English•  French • Kikuyu • Kiswahili

We teach children and adults of all ages.
Absolute beginners to intermediate and advanced levels.

  • Guitar Lessons

    Guitar Lessons

  • Piano Lessons

    Piano Lessons

  • Violin Lessons

    Violin Lessons

  • Saxophone lessons

    Saxophone lessons


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